9.4 Approfondimenti in inglese

Documents and materials cited in the dossier

International documents and reports:

White paper on education and training – Teaching and Learning. Towards a learning society, European Commision, 1995.

Education Counts, UNESCO, 2010. Infographics: UNESCO demonstrates how rapid advances in education can help to achieve all of the MDGs.

Progress for children, UNICEF, 2012. 


Malala's speech at the United Nations. Watch the video and read the text. 

Materials about education in Kenya: 

Interview to James Njoroge, teacher and educator, assistant director at St. Martin CSA - Kenya. 

Dear...Letters to Cherish and Challenge Education, The Community of St. Martin CSA, 2011. Read here Letter Six - "From Schooling to Educating"

Online resources:

Malala's blog, BBC, 2009. 

Other documents


Education for all, Ban Ki-moon, United Nations, New York, 2012. 

President Obama's speech on the importance of education, Memphis, Tennessee, 2011. 

Nelson Mandela speech on education in Africa, 2007. 

Learning World - Euronews: a programme that offers reports on a vast range of stories covering the many facets of education around the globe.